PaletteCAD 11.0

Design 3D interiors complete with furniture and appliances
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Create customized interiors, import objects from your object and material catalogues and set rotation points for viewing the design from different angles.

Specifically developed for contractors and medium-sized specialist companies, Palette CAD is sure to be of interest to anyone who wants to design more simply, more quickly, better and more successfully. Palette CAD closes the gap between simple, inflexible off-the-shelf design programs and ready-made and highly specialised, ultra-complex CAD applications. That's why it's the ideal alternative. The CAD program from Palette offers you limitless possibilities for individual interior design. In addition the program is easy to understand and is based around the well-known Windows software – so that you are already familiar with it.
Palette CAD is operated intuitively. After only a few hours, students have created their first design.
With Palette CAD you can design two to three times faster than with conventional methods and save up to 90% of your work preparation time.
Palette CAD has catalogues containing over half a million articles from brand-name manufacturers. But, of course, the best thing of all is: Palette CAD is open. You can input, photograph or design individual objects yourself.

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